Finding diamonds in nature

To a certain extent, the exact source of diamonds is not completely clear even today. As far as is known, diamonds were created three billion years ago as a result of high pressure and high temperatures deep underground which turned carbon into diamond crystals. The volcanic mass, in which the crystallization took place, was then pushed upwards to the surface of the earth and cooled down in kimberlite or lamphroite pipes which are where most diamonds are found today.




It is no easy task to produce diamonds for jewelry or industrial uses. On average, you need to mine 250 tons of ore from the kimberlite to have enough material from which to create a one carat polished diamond. Consequently, it is not difficult to understand why diamonds are so rare and prestigious. To turn a rough diamond into the finished article, highly skilled craftsmen are required who can uncover the extraordinary beauty of the stone while it is still in a rough state and in a range of colors – from white and yellow to green, blue, pink and even red – the rarest color of all.

Today, diamonds are the gemstones in which the most investment is made from the point of view of mining and grading of stones. Processing diamonds requires great exactness and delicacy and the finished article is sold in a range of shapes and qualities at different price ranges.

The beauty of a diamond, its mystery and charm, wins the heart of millions of people the world over, and words cannot suffice to describe the eternal attraction of these stones.


Reading of the "Rapaport Diamond Report"


The Rapaport Diamond Report is a publication intended to be used by diamond professionals only, the prices below are not actually real. But the relationship between each figure is genuine and is presented to give an idea of the gaps in value between diamonds. This chart demonstrates the importance of the precision applied in determining the quality of a diamond, and therefore the importance of the certificate.

Only a certificate can indicate the precise position, and hence the price, of a diamond on the table.

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