Certified diamonds


Diamonds by Daniella More are sold with a certificate of authenticity specifying the weight and the quality of any diamond over 0.30 carat.


Daniella More guarantees the legal origins of all diamonds. They are not a product of war.

The certificate: a diamond’s ID card.


Diamond certificates appeared in 1970. This shook up the trade by mandating strict legislation and rules to avoid fraud and consequently stop the sale of fake diamonds.


Nowadays, procedures and official documents have been established to certify the authenticity and the quality of diamonds.


The certificate issued with your purchase will be useful and necessary to identify your diamond in case it gets stolen or needs to be repaired. The certificate is your diamond’s ID card and certifies its resale value or appreciation.


Daniella More gives you the option to have the certificate number laser-inscribed on the diamond’s rondist (the diamond’s edge). This inscription, suggested for diamonds 1 carat and up, will help identify a diamond accompanied by its certificate. The very discrete inscription is only visible, beyond all dispute possible, with the X10 magnifier and does not in any way affect the value or the quality of the stone.


Various certificates


There are at least four laboratories that insurance companies recognize worldwide, of which : GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemmological Laboratory).  The documents issued by these laboratories mention the  characteristics, proportions, quality, and size of each diamond.

The HRD certificate, which is the Superior Council of the Diamond, is a guarantee of the authenticity of the stone. It gives a precise description of the quality of the stone in matters of shape, weight, degree of purety, fluorescence, color, measurements, proportions, and finition. These quality characteristics determine the value of the stone.

The IGI certificate is issued after a detailed scientific analysis of the diamond and is carried out by gemmologists using the state-of-the-art instruments.

The value of the diamond is based on four characteristics called the 4 Cs: weight in carat, color, clarity (or purety), and cut. All characteristics are analyzed and the results will be specified in the IGI certificate.




For the HRD and IGI certificates, the laboratories offer to provide you with "closed" certificates; the diamonds are sealed in a transparent polyester box. (When purchasing diamond only.)

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate delivers the diamonds in an envelope, with the GIA certificate number laser-inscribed on the rondist.


The GIA is the current international norm. It is first in setting the international system of gem analysis.

The classification of diamonds is the same worldwide. We recommend to always rely on these institutions to issue your certificates. 


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