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We are particularly sensitive about protecting any data of a personal nature concerning you.

Regulations strictly control the conditions under which the company,, Miami FL(“” or “We” or “Us”) handles, stores and uses certain types of data of a personal nature concerning you (the “Data”), from the moment of its collection, as well as the choices which you have with respect to the collection and use of this data (“Data Protection Policy”).

By visiting and/or using this site, you are considered to have accepted this Data Protection Policy.

Any changes made to the Data Protection Policy will be displayed on the site so that you are always kept up-to-date regarding the latest version. In order to remain informed about any changes made, please refer regularly to the present page.

Data collected and purpose of collection

Please note that the communication of the Data is, depending on the case, obligatory or voluntary, for the purposes of accessing, or otherwise benefiting from, the resources or services that supplies (which are described on the site). would be grateful if, before contacting us with a question, you would check whether it is obligatory or voluntary, and that you understand the possible consequences of any failure to reply, such consequences being brought to your attention on the site by

Collection of Data about you

a) may find it necessary to ask you for certain Data, including your name, given name, email address, order address, delivery address, invoice address, telephone number, type and number of payment or credit card (as well as its expiry date) or other methods of payment. collects and, in a wider sense, processes directly or indirectly such Data, from case to case, in order specifically to:

  • be able to register and, if necessary, validate your order;

  • verify your identity, in certain cases;

  • accept payment;

  • be able to contact you in order to inform you about the progress of your order;

  • ship your order to you;

  • enable you to take part in games or competitions;

  • enable you to request financing from our partners;

  • send you information and news, publicity or promotional material from (collections, new products, new services, partnerships);

  • produce anonymous statistics;

  • conduct surveys; and

  • provide you with the best possible personal service.


b) We collect and more generally process the IP address of your computer and other identification data (the “Identification Data”) for the purposes indicated herein, and specifically in order to assist Us in identifying possible problems affecting Our servers or Our hosting and Our communications, in order to administer the site efficiently, to detect the version of your Internet browser or, in certain cases, to verify or confirm your identity. Your Identification Data will also be used for statistical purposes. They will not (i) be communicated by Us to persons other than Our subcontractors and partners and/or (ii) be associated with other information, except for cases in which such communication and/or such association is required, either by law or by any competent authority, either for reasons of security for transactions and payments, or more generally, in order to satisfy any legitimate requirement or need.

c) In order to enable Us to remain particularly attentive to your needs, We sometimes also make use of “cookies” (“connection markers”) and/or other means which permit Us to access, receive and/or input information coming from or going to Your terminal connection equipment (hereinafter “Markers”). These Markers are presented in the form of cookies and are for the purpose of indicating your presence on Our site and, in certain cases, in order to improve Our personal service. The cookies exist in the form of files capable of identifying You as a client and/or visitor and registering your personal preferences, as well as certain information of a technical nature (including data related to hits and visits). Please note that if you supply Us with data (including Identification Data), these may be linked to information recorded in the Markers. By accepting the Data Protection Policy, you accept that may send, receive and use such Markers. However, we point out that since Our Markers are for the exclusive purpose of enabling or facilitating communication in digital form, or are strictly necessary for providing Our service in response to your express request, they do not require Your consent. The period for retention of information stored in your computer is 1 year. The section Help” on the toolbar of most browsers will show you how to refuse certain Markers, or how to obtain a message which indicates when they are received, and also how to deactivate them. However, certain parts of the site are only accessible via certain Markers (such as cookies) and you should note that by deactivating them, you will not be able to access these sections.

Collection of Data concerning third parties

In certain circumstances, you may wish to send Us Data concerning third parties in order to enable them to receive information on Our products and services, or such products or services themselves. For example, you may:

  • Send a product information file to a friend or family member:

If you wish to send a page from Our site concerning a product to a friend, We need to collect and process your email address and that of your friend in order to do so. These two addresses will only be used for this purpose.

  • Recommend a friend:

If you wish to recommend one or more friends, We need to collect and process your email address and that of your friend(s) in order to inform them on whose behalf is sending them an email. These two addresses will only be used for this purpose.

  • To send a product to a friend or relation:

If you wish to send a product to a friend or relation, We need to collect and process your email address and the name, given name, email address and the delivery address of such friend or relation, so that we can send them the product. This Data will only be used for this purpose.

In all cases, you confirm on your own behalf and to Us that the person concerned is already informed that you are sending Us personal Data concerning them.

Transmission to subcontractors will transmit certain Data collected to its subcontractors so that they can process them on their own behalf within the context of and for the requirements of the purposes described in this Data Protection policy.

For example, within the context of and for the requirements of your order, We will communicate your name and address to your bank for authorisation and/or confirmation of payment by card (if you choose this method of payment) and/or the transport company for the shipment of your order.

Similarly, within the context of, and for the requirements of, statistical analysis of Our site (in order to determine, for example, the number of hits per page), We may need to use the information stored in your Markers and to communicate them to third parties from whom We obtain such statistical analysis. We would like to inform you that in any event, all statistics we obtain are anonymous and only refer to aggregated data.

Transmission to partners

In certain cases, We may wish to transfer certain elements of your Data to partners, within your consent agreement, as may be necessary.

  • Participation in games, competitions or client satisfaction surveys:

If you decide to take part in a game, a competition or a satisfaction survey organised with reference to Our site, We may be required to share your Data with certain organising partners whose services We use, and of whose identity We will then inform you. Such partners will use your Data within the context of and for the requirements of the implementation of the game, competition or survey. In certain cases, such partners may send you, subject to your prior consent should this is necessary, information concerning products and services. You will always have the possibility of unsubscribing from their lists by exercising your rights (as described in the section "Your Rights" below) with respect to the Data concerning you, and processed by these partners directly by the latter, via their contact details which they will indicate to you.

Communication to related companies

We may wish to communicate Data concerning you to companies with which is related, either because they act as subcontractors, and/or because they act on their own behalf, which may include their own purposes referred to in the heading “SALES PROMOTION” referred to in the present policy, and of which We will then inform you.

Moreover, it may be that all or part of the capital, voting rights, assets or activities of our company may be signed or otherwise transferred (including through change of control) for the benefit of another company. To the degree that the Law does not forbid it, and in conformity with the terms and conditions of this Data Protection Policy, We may then share and/or transfer the Data concerning yourself to/with such other company.

International Transfer of Data

In cases provided for in the present Data Protection Policy, We may need to transfer Data to Countries which do not belong to the the United States of America (such as the European Community), to which you consent insofar as necessary. The Data Protection conditions and the laws of other countries may not offer as much protection as those in force within the European Community. We would like to assure you that We will take measures so that your Data will be handled in conformity with the Data Protection Policy and the French regulations applicable to such transfer.

Sales promotion proposes to keep you informed about the latest offers and new developments proposed on Our site. For this purpose, subject to your prior consent, when the Law so requires, may use your Data for:

(a) the direct Sales promotion of its own products and services by digital means, particularly through email —including SMS and MMS – and through circulation lists);

(b) the direct Sales promotion for products and services on behalf of selected third parties within the field of Jewellery and related sectors, and

(c) the transmission of such Data to external organisations which are developing business within the field of Jewellery and related sectors, and which wish to market these types of products or services to you.

You are free to participate or not to participate in our marketing activities. Therefore, you can at any time unsubscribe from the circulation list by indicating your wish under the heading « MyAccount » 


We pay particular attention to the security of the Data that we handle. In order to protect it as well as we can against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, and communication or against non-authorised access, it is encrypted using SSL technology (“Secure Sockets Layer”). Moreover, internally, no Data can be accessed and used by anyone who does not have a strict requirement to process them within the context of, and for the needs of, the purposes described in this Data Protection Policy.

Data storage

The Data concerning you will only be stored for the time necessary for the purposes described in this Data Protection Policy.

Links to third party sites

Our site may contain links to other sites that are not subject to this Data Protection Policy, and where the practices regarding the treatment of personal Data may be different from Ours. You should make sure that the other sites respect your Data, particularly by noting possible statements appearing on such other sites. We declare, and you accept, that We are not responsible, and that We have no control over any Data thus submitted to, or thus collected by third party sites, unless there is any express provision to the contrary, by law or treaty.

Your Rights

In accordance with Law n° 78-17 as amended on 6 January 1978, relating to data processing, files and civil liberties, you have the right to access, modify, correct, update, block and delete Data relating to yourself. Apart from your specific right to refuse Our marketing activities, you also have a right of refusal to your Data being handled, for legitimate reasons, under conditions and in circumstances provided for under the Law.

You can exercise these rights under the heading « MyAccount » 

Contact us

This section enables you to send an email to either to ask a question or to inform us of your suggestions. Our customer service department will reply to you as soon as possible. We will store your comments for the sole aim of improving our site and the quality of our service, and thus of continuing to improve your experience.

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